The Best Brands With Stylish Work Essentials

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe is divided into two sections: work essentials and weekend pieces. The two categories certainly overlap but for the most part, have distinguishing differences like crops versus button-downs to state the obvious. I’ll admit I used to favor shopping for weekend items over office pieces any day but that’s changed as I’ve become more career-focused. I also credit the below brands which have made it exciting and easy to shop for work essentials and 9-to-5 items I truly look forward to wearing.

Once you find your go-to brands for office basics, shopping for work essentials will quickly become an activity you enjoy rather than feeling like a task. These wardrobe pieces like structured blazers and solid sweaters make up of the part of your wardrobe you wear the most so it only makes sense to invest the time in shopping with brands with quality and stylish picks for you to stock up on. Over the past six years, the below brands have become the first places I look whenever I’m in need of a work wardrobe pick-me-up. The best part is each brand offers a range of clothing options so if you’re in a rush you can pop in just one place and knock out all your office updates. From basics like knit cardigans and sweaters you can layer over any look to on-trend pieces like a printed skirt or redefined white blouse, there’s always something for everyone when you shop the brands ahead.