The Best Affordable Jeans, According to a Celebrity Stylist

Recently, I was chatting with celebrity stylist Chris Horan when he mentioned he has a favorite pair of jeans that he always uses to dress celebs in for events and the red carpet. I expected him to mention an expensive pair of jeans, so it came as a surprise to me when he named Levi’s Ribcage Jeans as his go-to denim. “They sit super high (hence the name), and the width of the leg is the perfect nod to a ’90s vintage jean without any of the questionable sagging we tend to come across,” Horan explained. “It snatches the waist in but then still has that effortless feel everywhere else.” While they come in a variety of fits, Horan recommends the straight-leg silhouette, in particular, for a celeb-worthy outfit.

Not only are they approved by Horan, but they’re also coveted among Who What Wear’s team of editors—myself included. While I stock them in my closet for the combination of a super-flattering fit and an unbeatable price point, I also wanted to know more opinions about the cult jeans, so I asked associate editor Anna LaPlaca to share exactly why she can’t live without them. “I recommend Levi’s Ribcage Jeans to anyone who will listen. With a 12-plus-inch rise, the ultra-high-waisted denim is the highest I’ve ever tried on a pair of jeans, and it gives them a super-tight, nipped-in look that I find so alluring,” LaPlaca explained. “The high rise means that they play well with crop tops, and I happen to think they look especially good with something boxy tucked in. And they make my butt look aces—what could be better?”

So there you have it. An affordable pair of jeans that are loved by celebs, stylists, and editors alike. What more proof do you need that they belong in your closet? Ahead, see outfits Chris Horan has styled celebs in with the $98 Levi’s Ribcage Jeans, and shop them for yourself.