The Best 20 Affordable Watches on Amazon

Nowadays, it’s a pretty rare thing to spot someone sporting a watch on their wrist. Because, well, smartphones have slowly replaced the time-telling accessory—or so it seems. Our thoughts on the matter? A classic, chic, or sporty watch is actually something that’s pretty irreplaceable. 

In some cases, watches get passed down from generation to generation, thus carrying with them a lot of sentimental value. In others, they can be an anniversary gifts monogrammed with a special date inside—again, holding significant meaning. And finally, a watch is the perfect practical piece—a dual purpose accessory, if you will—with which to adorn your wrist (and dress up an outfit). 

Now, because we think the timepiece deserves a spot in your jewelry drawer, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up 20 of the best affordable watches on Amazon, ranging from classic-chic picks to sporty-cool ones, that you’ll never want to take off. Some are water-resistant, so you really will never have to take them off, and others are simply too elegant to pass up. Read on to shop our watch edit below, arranged from the most wallet-friendly brands to those that are slightly pricier, though none of the finds below will cost you more than $100.