The 9 Worst Things to Wear When Driving

What talk a lot about what to wear and what not to wear in certain situations (i.e. to the airport and the office), but it’s high time we delve further into an oft-skipped-over activity that we spend a lot of time doing: driving. When you’re strapped in behind the wheel, your movement is already restricted, and you need to allow yourself as much movement as possible in order to react quickly. The last thing we all need is our clothing and accessories hindering us. Which brings me to the subject of what not to wear when driving.

Personally speaking, I’ve been driving for 18 years. That’s a lot of time for driving wardrobe mistakes to happen. Thanks to my trial and error over the years, I’ve concluded that certain items need to be avoided when getting behind the wheel—whether for comfort or safety reasons. Keep scrolling for a crash course in what to avoid wearing when driving, from a fashion editor (me), and shop pieces that are alternatively ideal for driving.