The 9-Piece French-Girl Handbag Wardrobe

Basket bags have been linked to French-girl style since Jane Birkin made them popular decades ago, and the style isn’t showing any signs of slowing down on the streets of St. Germain or the Marais. Recently, though, I’ve been interested in pinpointing the new bags that are gaining a following among the Parisian fashion set now.

To research the topic, I did a deep dive on Instagram to see exactly which handbags all of the cool French women are carrying on their arms at the moment. From throwback styles that were popular in the ’90s to designer monogram pieces to on-the-rise designers to the just-launched bag that is already selling out, there are plenty of styles we’re spotting on girls in Paris right now. Ahead, see the nine bag styles French girls are wearing and shop them for yourself.