The 9-Piece French-Editor Capsule Wardrobe

If your affinity for fashion is of the Parisian variety, there is perhaps no better example than French fashion editors. They are known for their immaculate wardrobes that change very little from season to season. Their closets are built around pieces that can be worn for years—not just of-the-moment items that will be retired after one short season. So what are the fashion items you’ll find in the French-editor capsule wardrobe?

To start, you’ll find plenty of neutrals and elevated basics that can be worn on the regular—pieces like ankle boots with a sophisticated crocodile finish or well-cut turtlenecks for layering. They also have a mastery of dressing up everyday items like jeans and blazers that make them come off as polished instead of ordinary. Ahead, find the nine pieces every French fashion editor owns, and then shop them for yourself to replicate their style.