The 9 Best Fall Shoe Trends to Buy at Zara

No matter what the season, a new pair of shoes always comes with a smile. Be it a pair of boots, rhinestone-adorned heels, or comfy sneakers, there truly is no better feeling than throwing down on lavish soles. Except for the feeling of finding incredible shoes for really cheap. Yeah, that feeling is just as good if you ask me. The best place to experience such euphoria? Zara. 

Zara is currently in that stage where it is getting new fall arrivals by the second making it nearly impossible to catch up. That is unless you are me and scour the site multiple times a day. Here you will find 9 of the hottest fall 2019 shoe trends Zara is fully stocked-up on right now. You’ve got lug-soled boots, crystal heels, and more. For that low low Zara price tag, I recommend adding multiple to your cart this instance.