The 9 Best Chanel Shoes and Handbags, According to Celebs

Sometimes you want the best drugstore beauty items. Sometimes you want to shop affordable ankle boots. And yes, sometimes you want to ogle celebrities’ designer pieces and ponder how to spend your year-end bonus. And this, folks, is for you. I’ve noticed that certain celebrities always tend to get their hands on the best and brightest Chanel pieces and know how to style them in cool ways, resulting in some serious eye candy.

Yara Shahidi, for instance, is a pro at nailing the high-low mix. I especially love how she wore true wardrobe staples like a button-down blouse and high-rise jeans with a cool Chanel belt bag worn across her body. Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Penélope Cruz, and Kristen Stewart are just some of the other celebrities with enviable Chanel pieces. Scroll down to see how they style them.