The 9 Best Brands for Rainbow Jewelry

A while back, I wrote a story about the best multicolored jewelry on the market. I put the story together for two reasons: 1) because I love it, and 2) because it was trending. Well, do I have good news for you (and me)—rainbow jewelry is still having a major moment.

I will admit that when the trend first came to fruition, I was skeptical but excited. Considering my excessive amounts of “normal” jewelry I was already wearing on heavy rotation, I wasn’t sure how this new color scheme would fit in, but to my surprise, it was the best addition I ever made to my jewelry collection.

There are certain brands that are known for their incredible array of rainbow jewelry, but over the years, a few more newbies have popped on my radar, and I think you’ll love them just as much as I do. Ahead, discover nine brands that are a must-shop if you’re looking for rainbow jewelry. At this point, the trend isn’t even a trend at all—it’s a classic.