The ’80s Jewelry Trend Everyone Will Wear in 2019

Mothers always know best, even if we never want to admit it at first. Whether it’s about life advice, cooking skills, or time management, they know what to do to get the job done and keep our lives together. However, that saying also applies when it comes to fashion. Sure, you may scout through all family photo albums and ask, “Mom, what you were thinking with that outfit?” But upon closer inspection, her trends are always ones that you are either currently wearing, coveting, or will wear in the near future. That’s how fashion works, and this 2019 is no different. 

This year, we’re looking to the ’80s when it comes to all things jewelry. The colors, the shapes, the boldness—we are here for it all, but with a modern touch, of course. Think everything your mom used and loved, but with a twist. From pearls and chains to chunky cuff bracelets and kitschy but oh-so-cute charms, we’re taking it back and stating the trends below. Now scroll ahead to stay in the know or simply shop your mom’s jewelry box because nobody can resist true vintage.