The 8 Top Makeup Trends For Fall 2019

Thanks to a little thing called Instagram, it’s so much easier in this day and age to feel in the know when it comes to noteworthy beauty trends. We have HD photos of stars like Zendaya and Margot Robbie at the beck and call of our tap-thirsty fingertips and the very cool ability to basically stalk the pros who prep our favorite celebrities with the hairstyles, hair colors, and makeup looks we lust over via our five-inch screens. It’s neat, right?!

Still, we occasionally experience trend and sensory overload thanks to the sheer number of products and beauty looks dominating our feeds, and a season-specific guiding hand straight from the makeup artists we love can be helpful if you make it your life’s work to navigate (and try!) fall’s biggest makeup trends.

Since we’re consuming the best beauty trends at the same rate as we’re indulging our pumpkin-spice coffee habit (alarmingly fast), we reached out to four top makeup artists based in four different locales—New York, London, Los Angeles, and Paris—to unveil the most important fall makeup trends of 2019. From their top eight trend predictions to product recommendations and how-tos, we have it all waiting for you just up ahead. Keep scrolling!