The 8 Biggest Trends We Spotted at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has once again come and gone, and in its wake, it left a flurry of delectable runway looks and emerging trends. While the shows in Europe tend to be on the more aspirational side, there’s a special place in our hearts for the designers that call New York home because they tend to offer some of the most accessible and re-creatable runway looks of the entire season. Maybe it’s because the designers on the schedule tend to be a mix of emerging talent and contemporary labels as opposed heritage brands, but regardless of the reason, the F/W 20 runways at NYFW were flooded with outfit ideas and trends we could easily incorporate into our current wardrobes without expending too much effort or imagination. 

Now let’s talk trends. It’s hard to play favorites since there were so many we loved, but if we had to choose, we suppose the following eight are what we’re anticipating the most. So you’ll be ready with an answer when someone asks you what you’re looking forward to wearing six months from now (that answer being cutout tops, cropped blazers, and head-to-toe gray, of course.)

Ahead, get your download on the coolest fall trends from New York that are ripe for re-creating, and since we know you won’t be able to wait for fall to actually arrive, we’ve included our shopping options so you can start wearing them now if you’re so inclined.