The 8 Biggest Fashion Trends of 2019, Hands Down

Something about me: I love trends. With each new season, I want to immediately fill my closet with all the biggest ones. But I prefer to not let my wardrobe do harm to my bank account, and for that reason, I try to be judicious. That said, there are certain trends this year that I admit to going a little overboard with, but I’m clearly not alone in that. The eight trends I’m calling out below have become oversaturated at this point, both in my closet and in general.

Here’s the thing—when a trend is oversaturated (meaning practically everyone is selling it and wearing it, including me), I typically take it as my cue to stop buying it. That said, I’m not going to stop wearing these trends anytime soon. I’ve simply realized that it’s time to make room for some other fresh trends in my closet, which I’m also naming below. Scroll on to find out which trends I’m forcing myself to stop buying and which new ones I’m investing in now.