The 8 Biggest Fall Fashion Trends on TikTok

It’s no secret that we’re a little TikTok obsessed here at Who What Wear, but aside from the trending dances and POV skits (Dracotok, anyone?), I’ve found myself deep in the fashion scene of the app, where everyone is as cool as I one daydream to be. The kinds of girls I’m talking about are the ones who embrace trends, aren’t afraid of colors and crazy prints, and get dressed each day with major main character energy. Besides donning It brands like House of Sunny, these fashion TikTokers are constantly showcasing their latest thrifted purchases and the trendy pieces they DIY’d from the comfort of their childhood bedrooms. The app has single-handedly revived my excitement when it comes to the contents of my closet, something that’s dropped quite a bit since March. 

Curious to see if any of these cool TikTok girls that I’ve been low-key obsessing over felt the same way, I reached out to a few to get their thoughts on the matter. Andie Johnston (follow her if you enjoy fashion videos with a pop-culture twist) told me that, “as someone who suddenly became a 100% WFH employee, TikTok forced me to see my clothes as something that made me feel good and also gave me a creative outlet. I no longer was sitting around in sweatpants all day working, but instead was getting dressed in the mornings, which to be completely honest, was a game-changer for my regular workday productivity, inspiration, and personal self-esteem.” Oddly enough, hearing that others were feeling the same way as I was reassuring. The good news is, she, along with a handful of the other fashion TikTokers I spoke to gave me a list of fall 2020 trends that they are turning to get themselves out of this temporary fashion slump. 

Wondering what they had to say? Scroll below to read everything they’ll be wearing from all-over-leather to chunky platform boots. Even if you don’t consider yourself a TikToker, don’t fret, because these will look good on and off the screen, we promise.