The 8 Best Fall Trends for Petite Women

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I suppose it’s not essential that you know my height and geographical location for me to share which trends I’m buying this season, but I’m all about context. Given my average (borderline petite) height and that I live in a climate that’s around 60 degrees on average this time of year, I thought that my fall trend selects might be helpful to some of you. (Regardless, there are still some cute items to shop below.)

Given my height, there are some trends I choose to pass on. It can be a tough call to make when something looks great on a 5’10” model, but I just have to remind myself that models and I don’t always look good in the same things. But I’m not too worried about that and you shouldn’t be either, because there are plenty of trends this season that do work for us petite girls. Keep scrolling to find out which ones I invested in this year.