The 7 Top-Selling Fall Trends Around the World

When it comes to online shopping, Mango is always a regular stop I make to scroll through its new arrivals. It always has the best of the best when it comes to the season’s latest fashion, with a take on trends that always feels timeless and modern. Since I’m planning to add a few items to my closet for the fall season ahead, I was curious to find out which pieces we can expect to see fashion insiders wearing in the coming months.

Chatting with Mango’s PR department, they shared the top-selling items around the world that the brand can barely keep in stock. “By now, we have detected two main tendencies. One focuses on comfy, wool, and cozy materials,” they explained. “Feeling comfortable has become key lately due to the current situation, so we believe these will be pieces to include not just in home looks but to use in our daily routines.”

Among the pieces already on Mango’s sellout list are staples like knit joggers and half-zip sweaters, but if you’re still looking to get order some for yourself, Mango just dropped its comfy collection that is stocked with chic (and cozy) everyday staples.

“The other main tendency that is reflected in our sales performance is a focus on an urban style,” Mango’s PR explained, noting that items like chunky boots and leather outerwear have been hugely popular. If you’re looking for inspiration for how to wear Mango’s two top-selling trends together, just look to Pernille Teisbaek’s chic outfit above that pairs a leather jacket with knit joggers.

Ahead, see the seven biggest trends that are selling out at Mango around the world and the exact items that are topping sales. I have a feeling these will all be sold out soon.