The 7 Casual Fall Dresses Fashion Editors Want to Buy

As a group of fashion editors (with collective industry experience of 48 years when you add it all up), it’s always been our job to scout the market for what matters in the fashion world, test out trends, and then suggest the latest products to you, dear readers. Given that fall is fast approaching (wild, we know), we thought we’d spend the next few moments here discussing one of our go-to autumn staples. We’re talking about the casual fall dress.

That’s right. Below, six of us shared the specific fall dress pick that has caught our eye during our market research for the season. What you’ll notice is that there’s quite a range—everything from cozy knitted silhouettes to flowy, shorter styles that will team flawlessly with chunky boots. Keep scrolling for more. You’ll also find a smattering of other standout dresses we’re into. There’s bound to be something to suit your style.