The 7 Best Stretch Jean Brands

Most people will agree that the winter fashion uniform is a turtleneck tucked into a pair of easygoing jeans, styled with sleek ankle boots. As soon as we get home, however, we strip off our rigid jeans for something more comfortable like sweatpants. It’s inevitable: Lounging on the couch watching Netflix is simply less comfortable when wearing rigid denim. In reality, however, you really can have the best of both worlds—non-rigid jeans with enough stretch in them are the ideal combination of stylish and comfortable. 

But finding the perfect stretch jeans? Not always the easiest. You see, some jeans are too stretchy and resemble leggings more than they do actual denim, while on the other hand, some jeans barely have enough give to be considered legitimately comfy. It’s a fine line, really. So as we get to the heart of winter and the fashion-girl uniform of stretch jeans and a turtleneck grows ubiquitous, we’ve done you the favor of rounding up the seven best stretch jean brands so you know exactly where to turn for your next denim purchase. All you need now is a turtleneck.