The 7 Best Jeans to Wear During Summer—and 4 to Avoid

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about denim, it’s our editors. We’ve tried and tested dozens of brands, styles, and trends over the years, so when we share our favorite pairs with all of you, you can trust that they really are the best of the best. While I can assure you each editor ahead has that one pair of go-to jeans they keep on heavy rotation in their wardrobes, there are certainly other pairs they wear on a more seasonal basis, and today, that’s exactly what I was aiming to uncover.

Since getting dressed in the heat of summer serves up a plethora of challenges in general, I was curious to know if there were particular denim styles or materials that these stylish women prefer wearing in the warmer months, in addition to styles they refuse to wear. Lucky for you, they spilled all their denim secrets and revealed the best summer jeans on the market for all of you to shop. No matter where you live or how hot it gets there, the selection ahead will have you ready to tackle summertime dressing with a pair of stylish and cool (literally) jeans at the ready.