The 7 Best Fashion Instagram Accounts According to Editors


“I love following Eliana. Her clothing line and imagery are 100% dreamy, and occasionally she’ll hit you with a truth bomb about loving yourself just as you are like she did in this post. More of all these things, please!”


“Sylvie’s classic Scandinavian style (minimalist with a forward spin) makes her one of my favorites to follow. I seriously want to copy every one of her simplistic yet elevated outfits.”


“I love following Blanca for the freshest products and great image inspiration overall. Her style is funky, which I love.”


“I love following Giorgia Tordini for a behind-the-scenes look into the life of not just a designer, but an influencer and all-around cool Italian girl.”


“Jessica Minkoff’s account always keeps me entertained. She’s the fashion content editor at Bergdorf’s and regularly models and posts the store’s latest drool-worthy designer pieces. It’s complete eye candy, and she has a great sense of humor to boot.”


“I love following Kelly Talamas de Rilliet. As the former editor in chief of Vogue Mexico who’s now based in Bogotá, she knows every cool Latin American brand you might not have heard of yet. I immediately start following every brand she tags because I trust her impeccable taste.”


Not only does Emma Rowen Rose have incredible  personal style, but she also recently launched her beautiful namesake label Rowen Rose. The pieces will be available in 2019, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.