The 7 Best Designer Jeans That Are Worth the Investment

If I were to rank items that are wardrobe staples for many, jeans would undoubtedly rank high on the list. If you’re like me, that perfect pair of denim often gets worn multiple times per week as the finishing touch to either a laid-back or an elevated-casual ensemble. If you have your ideal cut already, wonderful. But if you’re still on the hunt or are interested in trying another pair, what’s coming your way may be particularly intriguing.

I asked my fellow fashion editor colleagues for their opinions on their favorite luxury denim brands. These are the labels that have A+ jean styles that can skew a bit higher in terms of price point initially, but could be worth the investment given their lower cost per wear when you take into account comfort, quality, and style. As a reminder, cost per wear is taking the price of the item and dividing it by the number of times you’ll wear it to ensure each dollar you spend is going far. Essentially, if you were to wear each of these jeans three times per week, the cost per wear over a year could be as low as one or two dollars.

Keep scrolling to check out some top-notch denim brands, complete with a bit of visual and shopping inspiration. You’ll also find a cost-per-wear breakdown for each key silhouette as well.