The 7 Best Comfortable Jeans We’re Wearing on Repeat

It’s been 14 years since living together in New York, but my ex-roommate still loves to tell the story of “Judith’s Jeans.” My bedroom in Apt. 27 was essentially a glorified closet, yet a quarter of the small space was taken up by a mound of jeans quite literally from floor to ceiling.

Fast-forward 14 years to my apartment in L.A., and not much has changed (aside from more square footage). My denim obsession remains resolute. What can I say? I love jeans, and when I find a pair that fits well and looks good, it’s hard to resist. I currently own about 29 pairs (some gifted, some scored secondhand, some I scooped up in sales, and some investment jeans I’ve splurged on), yet I fully acknowledge that owning this many is not exactly normal (and, to be honest, a tad embarrassing). I came up with this article idea after cleaning my closet, and as I sifted through my denim collection, I realized even though I like all of them, there are actually only seven I love to wear on repeat. Go figure!