The 6 Pairs of Jeans I Get Compliments On Every Time

Personal truth: I live in jeans. Blame it on the fact that I grew up in LA or that my first job was doing PR for a denim brand, but I almost exclusively wear jeans. You could say that denim and I are in an extremely committed relationship at this point. Considering I wear jeans 7 days a week, my denim assortment is pretty extensive by now. I’ve definitely parred down my collection compared to my earlier days (I owned over 70 pairs at one point, don’t judge) but I still own quite a few styles, if I’m being honest.

In my opinion, different styles are required for different reasons—a high-rise black jean is so different from a normal-rise black jean. Kidding, kind of. I digress, but what I’m getting at is that given the amount of time I spend in denim, I start to notice when certain pairs garner more interest than others. There are 6 pairs of jeans that I can all-but-guarantee someone will ask me about every single time I wear them, which signals to me that there’s something extra-special about each pair. If someone takes the time to stop and offer the “Who makes your jeans” or “Where did you get those” questions, you know they’re good.

The below 6 pairs have accumulated more inquiries than I can count, so I figured they’re worth sharing. Keep scrolling to see the denim styles that always get me compliments and why—plus I’ve added shopping links to each in case they speak to you as well.