The 6 Most Comfortable Shoes to Wear in NYC

As a New York City college student, comfort is key when it comes to shoes. Unless you’re taking an Uber or the subway, living in the city means walking an hour (at least) every day, so shoe choice is important.

Thus, the perfect NYC shoe must be comfortable, stylish, and durable. In other words, those designer pumps you just bought might be gorgeous, but they definitely won’t do your feet any favors. Don’t worry: That doesn’t mean all of your favorite shoes are off the table—through trial and error, I’ve found that there doesn’t always need to be a tradeoff between style and comfort.

As a college student, most of my days consist of going to class and grabbing lunch with friends! I love white sneakers or loafers for everyday wear since these are closed-toed and versatile. When I want to dress up, I opt for low-heeled strappy sandals during the day and leather ankle boots at night. Of course, on the few days per year that Manhattan sees snow, low-key snow boots are a must.

Sometimes finding comfortable shoes for NYC that meet all three of my rules can be difficult—especially when on a student budget—so I’ve narrowed it down for you. Keep scrolling to shop the only six kinds of shoes I keep in my NYC closet, from high-end splurges to affordable, student-friendly kicks.