The 6 Best Affordable Skincare Products That Actually Work

If there’s one thing I’m always after, it’s super-glowy skin, and I’ll try just about any treatment or product to achieve it. Oftentimes, though, I’ll drop money on expensive formulas that don’t live up to their bold promises. Just as frequently, I’ll discover affordable products that blow me away. The trick to uncovering the affordable finds that are worth it? Chatting with industry veterans who know their stuff and can recommend what really works. That’s why I was excited to talk all things skincare with Sean Garrette—an NYC–based aesthetician and global ambassador for Fenty Skin who has the glowiest skin in the game.

His approach to skincare is all about finding what works. While he has the opportunity to test and try just about every product on the market, he believes in a tight edit of products that are effective. “When it comes to my clients, I always push that less is more. You don’t need five cleansers, six serums, and four moisturizers,” he explained. Instead, he suggests you “create a concise routine with products that target the issues you’re dealing with.” Here, he’s spilling exactly which essential skincare basics are worthy of your medicine cabinet.

With access to the best of the best in skincare, I wanted to know which affordable products are just as good as the expensive ones. Ahead, Garrette is sharing the six he personally uses as well as the ingredient to always avoid.