The 5 Top Fashion Basics, According to a Stylist

Stylist Loïcka Biampandou caught my eye when I spotted her stunning outfits on her Instagram, @thevisuelsofgrace. She has a knack for tonal looks, balancing strong shapes, and spotting the latest cool It items for the season, so it came as no surprise that she works as a stylist. Chatting with Biampandou about her background in fashion, I was interested to learn that she works as a personal stylist for Galeries Lafayette—one of the biggest and most iconic fashion stores in Paris. There, she helps her broad range clients (from fashion influencers to models to sportswomen) narrow in on their style and find looks that make them feel confident.

Constantly working with clients and seeing the best new arrivals in fashion, the French stylist has been able to ground her wardrobe with a tight edit of basics that feel timeless but also very on-trend. You’ll spot her wearing closet essentials like blazers on repeat but she pays attention to the silhouette and unexpected details that make them feel fashion-forward. Take T-shirts, for instance—when it comes to the basic, her current favorite shape is a padded shoulder version that lends structure and adds an element of cool.

Curious to find out her favorite wardrobe essentials, I asked her to share the pieces she wears more than any others. Ahead, shop Biampandou’s 5 top fashion basics to instantly upgrade your wardrobe.