The 5 Most Controversial Spring Shoe Trends

Every time a new season comes around, it’s a given that not every trend (no matter how prevalent) will be a fit for every person’s taste or style. Some trends are more or less favorable among buyers, critics, editors, and consumers, while others can be a bit more divisive. In other words, they spark more of a debate than your average trend, and the sides tend to feel strongly in favor of or against whatever the item in question is.

My senses tell me that such is bound to be the case for a handful of shoe styles that are about to be everywhere come warmer weather. The five spring shoe trends you’ll soon see below are just the type to evoke either love or hate, and it’s nearly impossible to predict who will lean toward one side or the other. So to see them for yourself, make up your own mind, and do a little shopping along the way (if you so please), just keep scrolling.