The 5 Best Trendy Basics You Won’t Regret Buying

If you’re already finding yourself confused on what a “trendy basic” is, I suggest you give this story a good read. It explains in great detail the evolution of certain items that officially transitioned from basic to a seasonal must-have. This new mindset of considering basics some of the most forward items in your closet has only continued to grow, and now, as we have been spending more time at home, the necessity for classic wardrobe staples over trend-driven items has never been more prevalent. 

Since I have pretty much talked the “trendy” basic to death, I decided to reach out to a shopping expert to get her advice on which of these trendy basics are worth the money every time. Celenie Seidel, Senior Womenswear Editor at Farfetch, was kind enough to fill us in on her official list of trendy basics—the ones that she says you won’t ever regret buying. Her list hits every category right on the nose and her tips are even better. 

Ahead, go on to find out the 5 official trendy basics that a shopping expert says you will always be grateful for.