The 5 Best Places to Shop For Clothes in Your 50s

There’s no doubt that our style evolves as we get older. By the time you’re in your 50s, you have the wisdom to know what pieces work for your lifestyle, career, body, and personal taste. There’s a confidence that lies in an over-50 woman’s wardrobe—you don’t force yourself to wear trends that don’t work for you, and by now you’ve built a reliable capsule wardrobe that consists of timeless staples along with powerful statement pieces. Eager to find out where stylish women in their 50s shop to create said reliable wardrobe, I tapped into one fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe who I love to follow on Instagram for her chic style: Renata Jaz. Below, she’s sharing the retailers, stores, and boutiques she loves to shop for classic and trending pieces alike, along with some of her current must-haves from each store. Read on to get inspired by her picks.