The 5 Best Fashion Outlets in the U.S.

When you go to a new city (or are just looking for a fun day trip in your hometown), what’s something you tend to get most excited about? New food spots are a given, and when you’re new to a place, Yelp and Google reviews quickly become your best friend. The prospect of stumbling upon to cool, Instagram-worthy photoshoot location? That’s something everyone loves to do, too, and these cool, fashion girl–approved vacation spots are sure to rack in some major likes.

But the one thing we always look for first when we travel somewhere or are just trying to get away from the city? A good outlet mall. That’s right, the massive outdoor shopping compounds boast major deals and are every budget-shoppers best-kept secret. You can find them all around the U.S., with many offering 100+ brands at discounted prices, plenty of food, and a really good retail therapy session. Itching for some designer goods for a fraction of the retail price? Read on to see the best outlets in the US, plus the stores you have to check out at each.