The 5 Best Fall Color Trends, According to Fashion Girls

Updating your fall wardrobe doesn’t always have to mean snatching up every new trend in existence. Instead, take only a small step outside of the box and adopt a new color this season instead. If you’re someone who wears head-to-toe black come the cooler months, this story might be a bit jarring at first, but you know what they say—change ain’t easy.

Ahead, we have reached out to some of the most stylish women in the industry to find out what each of their color preferences is for the fall season ahead. And by preferences we mean what they prefer and what they don’t. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but not one, but three of the ladies ahead said they are passing on black clothing this season for more reasons than one. No one expects you to part ways with black entirely, but take this story as a challenge to start incorporating more color into your wardrobe, whether it’s something as neutral as beige or as vibrant as bright orange. Between the quotes and the shopping, the hues ahead are ones you won’t be able to keep off your radar as you complete your fall 2019 shopping. You’ll see.