The 5 Best Designer Bags That Are Worth the Investment

If I’m being honest, the last thing I need to be spending money on is a bag. As it stands, I own enough to last me for years, if not decades. However, let’s be real. We hardly ever buy purses (or any fashion items for that matter) because we need them. No matter what we tell ourselves—“I don’t have a nighttime bag,” “I need something for work,” or I don’t have anything to go with that outfit”—it’s usually not that we actually require another piece. We just want it. 

Of course, such is the case with the handbags you’re about to see below, but beyond my personal preference, they just happen to be some of the coolest status symbols of the moment anyway—as evidenced by some of our favorite Instagram and street style stars. So, if space, budget, and my husband’s sanity were no issue, the below five would already be in my closet. Perhaps one already is… Just keep reading to find out.