The 46 Best Natural Lip Colors, According to Makeup Artists

I’m all for a bold lip. In fact, when I’m feeling extra lazy about doing my makeup, I tend to use my flashiest lip product and mascara as an easy out and skip the rest of the other steps. But as much as I love experimenting with daring colors, I still have an appreciation for a barely there lip. It’s natural, pretty, and effortless. These days, I’ve been gravitating toward that particular look, as I’ve been on Zoom calls for work and FaceTime chats with friends.

Finding the best shade that matches your natural lip color is all about knowing your particular skin tone and undertones. “Skin tone is the color of the surface of your skin: light, medium, dark, or deep,” explains celebrity makeup artist and groomer Autumn Moultrie, whose clients include Viola Davis and Kerry Washington. “Undertone is the subtle hue just underneath the skin, and that is different than skin tone. Two people can have the same skin tone with totally different undertones. Undertones fall into four categories: cool, warm, olive, and neutral. Eighty percent of people fall into the warm undertone category. If your veins on the inside of your wrist are blue, then you are cool. Cool undertones look best in silver jewelry, and the subtle color beneath your skin is pink, red, or blue. If your veins show green, you are warm. Warm undertones look good in gold jewelry, and the subtle color beneath their skin is yellow, peach, and golden.”