The 42 Best Makeup, Hair, Skin, and Nail items—All Under $50

Beauty lovers know better than just about anyone that keeping our favorite products stocked is a critical part of staying in cosmic alignment. Much like chipping your fresh manicure, or getting a haircut that doesn’t exactly suit your face shape, running out of your go-to beauty staples is a quick way to throw off your entire routine. 

The solution? Keeping several of those holy-grail items on hand so as to never experience the dissonance of having to skip a single step in your curated beauty ritual. We all have those beauty splurge moments, of course, but the key to smart shopping is stocking up on the affordable finds when you can. I absolutely swear by this practice for seamless daily grooming.

To get you started on the road to beauty hoarderdom (totally kidding!), I’ve rounded up the best affordable skin, makeup, hair and nail items I buy in droves. Check them out ahead, and be sure to get your stock right ASAP.