The 41 Best Beauty Gift Sets to Buy in 2019

OK, team, it’s time for a little mid-December holiday shopping check-in. How’s it going? While I encourage you to maintain your sanity by all means during this wild time, I also want to remind you that there are only a couple of weeks left until the big show. If you haven’t started shopping yet, it’s not too late! It is time to take action, though, and there are no better giving options than beauty gift sets to really get cooking on that shopping list.

I. Love. Beauty. Gift. Sets. Seriously, they’re a passion of mine. Not only are they an easy intro to brands we’re curious about, but they also make for the most thoughtful gifts (hence, the name). But, of course, all gift set are not created equal. Among the many compelling reasons to bye them for ourselves and our loved ones, there are also a handful of traps these mini product collections often employ that make them unworthy of space in our lives.

As an editor who’s seen just about every variation of gift set known to man, I consider myself particularly well equipped to spot these scams from a mile away. Ahead, read up on the 5 most common gift set traps, and what to buy instead.