The 4 Bikini Trends That Should Already Be on Your Radar

Nothing gets me more excited than when I get to talk swimwear. Take a peek at my Instagram feed, and you’ll quickly see that I spend every weekend I can at a pool or beach. While I’ll never share where the best pools are in L.A., I am all for sharing swimsuit trends. Whether I’m recommending the best styles for the summer to my friends or where to buy the best string bikinis for your next vacation, I consider myself a bikini connoisseur (or connoisseur in the making). My fellow swimsuit lovers on the team, Nicole and Lauren, have already shared some of the major trends to look out for this year (see here and here), so I decided to shift my focus to trends in the world of bikinis.

I couldn’t ask for a more fitting topic since this is one of my last stories with Who What Wear. It only feels right that I’m spending my afternoon researching and checking out my favorite swimwear brands to prep for this post. While I was cruising my go-to swim spots, I narrowed the trends down to four categories, all listed below, with a selection of my favorite picks for each trend. Okay, enough with the words. Scroll down to check out the top bikini styles that should be on your radar this summer. (For more on my favorite swim brands and bikinis, feel free to DM me @mscanga.)