The 4 Best Shoes to Wear With Loose Pants

Is it just me, or is fall’s loose-trouser trend making you want to ditch your jeans? There’s something about the voluminous silhouette that showed up on all the runways in February that’s making me want to trade my typical straight-leg fit for loose, relaxed pants. There are endless outfit options when it comes to what you can pair them with on top—from T-shirts to denim jackets—but it gets a bit trickier in the shoe department.

Because of the length and volume of this pants trend, you have to be very particular when it comes to your shoe choices—the wrong style can throw off your entire aesthetic. However, there are a few styles that literally always work, and the below four are hands down the best shoes to wear with loose pants. So if you’re as into this fall trend as I am, these are the styles to look for when picking out a footwear partner for your loose trousers.