The 4 Best Shoe Styles to Wear With Shorts

We’ve now hit that point in the summer where our shorts are getting far more wear than anything else in our closets. Yes, they’re the easy answer to rising temps, but they’re also the trend-forward pick, especially if they’re one of this summer’s coolest short styles. So it’s time to start discussing styling ideas with shorts and specifically, which shoe pairings to work well with them. You probably already know the shoe styles that work especially well with shorts, but there’s a handful of shoes with shorts that are, how shall we say, unconventional.

If you had asked me during any previous summer, I might have even advised you to avoid the four shoe styles on this list because they just don’t go. But (because there’s always a but) fashion girls are proving me wrong with these unconventional pairings because they’re making these shoes with shorts look fresh and modern.

Well, color me inspired. After seeing a few of these genius summer-shorts outfits, I’m officially motivated to try out the below shoe styles with them. Keep reading to see the looks and shop the pairings.