The 4 Bad Outfit Habits I’m Leaving in 2019

The end of each year typically inspires reflection of the past and goal-setting for the future. It’s a time to examine what you’re happy with and what you’re not, and attempt to identify and eliminate bad habits—and for fashion people, that applies to both their lives and wardrobes. Now is your chance to pinpoint the bad outfit habits you’ve been hanging onto and make a conscious decision to stop.

Whether your bad habit is not planning your outfit the night before, being too matchy-matchy, or letting laziness get the best of you, we all have something we can improve on. I’ve identified four bad outfit habits I’ll personally be leaving in 2019 and the good habits I want to replace them with for the next year. This will help me feel more polished and ready to take on whatever else life throws my way because confidence really does trickle over into every other facet. Below I’ve outlined the four outfit mistakes I’m ditching in 2020, in case you identify with these as well.