The 39 Best Beauty Products Ever for Skin, Makeup, and Hair

Even though I’m still fairly green in beauty editor years, the number of products I’ve tested in my time at both Byrdie and Who What Wear falls just under (give or take) 3000. How did I come up with that number? On a slim week, I receive at least 20 products from brands to try and review. Multiply that by four weeks in a month, then by 12 months in a year, then by three years, and you’ll land at a whopping 2880. Folks, that’s a lot of beauty products. And honestly, I really try to test it all. Even if I can’t use a product myself (for instance, if a serum has an ingredient my skin is sensitive to), I’ll enlist my mom, a trusted friend, or someone else at the office to give the formula a test-drive for me. Despite the gazillions of product and brand launches that seem to occur on a weekly cadence, it is possible to stay on top of the beauty industry’s ever-pumping pulse. Not surprisingly, that territory comes with lots of highs (products that are legitimately wonderful) and lots of lows (products that are scarily inept). Here at Who What Wear, we always keep it real and only recommend the things we really truly tried, wore for more than two minutes, and loved. 

That said, there is only a select collection of hair, skin, makeup, and body products I’m so extremely satisfied with that I would happily use them for the rest of my life with zero FOMO. And here’s the real kicker: I was using a hearty helping of said beauty products before I was a beauty editor and just a super nitpicky consumer. When you’re trying so many products every second of every day, it can be easy to forget what’s really, really amazing and what’s just mediocre. So in an effort to get back to the basics and highlight the true, best-of-the-best beauty products I’m obsessed with, I’ve created a list. After three years as a beauty editor and after having tested roughly 3000 beauty products, here are my top 39. Keep scrolling!