The 38 Best Affordable Wardrobe Basics at Nordstrom

Everyone plays favorites with where they go to shop for certain fashion items. Maybe your ultimate destination for cute shoes is Shopbop (us too) or you go ham on H&M’s pretty dresses (same, again). Well, when it comes to basics, I’m a die-hard for Nordstrom. No matter what time of year it is or which direction my style is leaning towards at the moment, I can usually be found eyeing the retailer’s winning selection of wardrobe staples and, on occasion, adding them to my cart.

Since I consider myself an expert in this arena, I’ve taken it upon myself to showcase all the useful clothing items that are filling my cart (and my heart) right now. It includes items like the basic $8 bodysuit I wear with everything to the wide-leg trousers I want to wear all fall, and so much more. Naturally, everything I’m loving at the moment is affordable, too, with nothing topping $55 in this roundup. So continue on to see all the best affordable Nordstrom basics which I’ve helpfully broken down by category.