The $36 Zara Strappy Heels Everyone on Instagram Owns

For the better part of 2018, I covered all of the big shoe trends that hit the fashion scene. From the “Cinderella” shoes that swept Instagram to our editors’ best buys to the styles that had a stamp of approval from Net-a-Porter’s buying director, there was plenty of footwear that made it onto my radar. With all of the trends that caught my eye, though, my personal favorite shoes that emerged last year were strappy sandals. The minimalist sandals have been on the fashion scene for a year and still feel fresh, and I only predict that we’ll be seeing them more in 2019.

Last fall, I finally picked up a pair from Zara, and they quickly emerged as one of the most-worn and best-loved pieces in my closet—and it turns out I’m not the only one. They’re a staple in the closets of cool fashion girls across Instagram, and they’re also my mom’s new favorite pair. (She scooped them up after she spotted me wearing them.) Here’s the best part: The $70 heels just went on sale for $36, so take my advice and order them for yourself before they sell out.