The 36 Best-Reviewed Beauty Products Everyone Raves About

I’ve made many recommendations in the past about fashion items to buy when you’re bored, but I think it’s time to show your beauty product collection some love. I’m by no means here to promote buying things you don’t need just because you’re bored. Instead, my advice is to use downtime wisely and shop for items that you’ll actually use often (and may even make your life easier). 

I’m a bit of a self-professed beauty junkie, and I have trouble resisting products that become cult favorites (whether instantly or over the years). I also love a good under-the-radar find, but products become cult favorites for a reason, and if they’re good enough to generate buzz (worldwide, in many cases) and tons of positive reviews, they’re good enough for me to try. So instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram again, why not take the time to scroll through this slideshow? You might find a product that could transform your beauty routine for the better. Oh, and none of them is over $100.