The 30 Best H&M Fashion Items Under $25

H&M has been and I’m pretty sure always will be one of my favorite go-to’s for affordable yet expensive-looking fashion finds. From basics to trendier items, this retailer has proven time and time again that they always have it all and this season is no different. Since spending money on frivolous trends isn’t the most practical thing one could be doing at this time, I decided to sift through the best under-$25 items H&M has to offer that is both cute and practical. 

Including must-have basics, footwear, and more, the 30 under-$25 items below are going to have you freaking just about as much as I did. I will admit, I usually dive head-first into the trend section, but as aforementioned, I’m trying to be more practical this year and the simple pieces ahead are helping me be just that.