The 3 Smartest Jewelry Brands to Invest in This Year

Our friends over at The RealReal (ever heard of them?) jokes, I know you have because you’ve read my newest series where I shop out the best designer pieces under $200 each month. Using my contacts at the resale site, I reached out to find insight on what’s selling right now, what people are searching for, and therefore the best designer items to sell this season. The helpful staff shared insight up to my eyebrows on the most popular brands and items from the site.

Today we’re narrowing in on the jewelry data they provided and sharing the top three brands that Trish Stevens, the luxury resale site’s fine jewelry and watches category director, names as the smartest brands to buy in 2019. “Rolex and Cartier will continue to be smart investments in 2019. These iconic brands have both increased in resale value by strong margins and show no signs of slowing down. Anita Ko, an L.A.-based designer, has also continued to climb in our rankings. Her contemporary fine jewelry is made with ethically sourced stones, earning her many eager fans looking to scoop up her pieces on our site,” Stevens shared. Rolex and Cartier making the list isn’t too surprising, but it’s the L.A.-based designer that caught our attention the most. Scroll down to shop the high-end items from the “smartest” jewelry brands for a fraction of the price below.