The 3 Most Popular Jean Styles and What’s on the Decline

If you’re a regular here at Who What Wear, you’re probably aware of which denim trends are everywhere at the moment, and maybe you even have an idea of which ones are slowly losing traction. At least, I can only hope you do because that means we’ve done our job to inform you of the current state of denim.

So what is the current state of denim, you ask? According to a recent Edited report, we now have the data on which jean styles people are shopping for much more and, consequently, one denim trend that’s seen a decline in interest. Over the last two years, the report shared that sales for boyfriend jeans have gone down by 5%, indicating that they’re fading out. I wasn’t too surprised to learn this since I haven’t seen the low-slung, roomy style all that much in the last few years.

Instead, the report pointed to three increasingly popular denim trends that fall right in line with what we’ve also been seeing and reporting on. It noted that relaxed styles continue to gain steam with the number of wide-leg styles in stock increasing by 108%, straight-leg by 55%, and flare by 80%. Now, all that said, your beloved boyfriend jeans are hardly “out,” and if they’re still a fixture in your closet, that’s great too because as we know, the cycle always tends to come back around again. But if you are curious, continue on to discover the three aforementioned denim trends that are flourishing.