The 3 Most Comfortable Ankle Boots for Walking

If you’ve been on Who What Wear lately, you’ll have noticed that ankle boot season is upon us! We’ve been covering them from every angle—from the best black ankle boots and ankle boots that hold up in the rain to the It ankle boots that are gaining popularity—and today, we’re talking comfort. No one likes to break in a fresh pair of boots only to find that, well, they’re actually just always going to give you blisters. So, we figured we’d scour the internet for the most comfortable ankle boots for walking.

After reading hundreds of reviews, we landed on three ankle boot styles that were built for pounding the pavement… and also happen to be on trend. You know we’re all about function and form over here, so we wouldn’t leave you hanging without some solid leopard, snakeskin, and optic white options. As it so happens, our trinity of walkable boots also serve every type of heel height desire. Whether you are looking for flat boots, something with a little height, or a pair that’ll boost you a few inches, we’ve got the crowd-approved ankle boots for you. Scroll down to check them out. After all, it’s hard enough to clock 10,000 steps a day; you don’t need your ankle boots slowing you down.