The 3 Best Summer Outfits That Went Viral This Summer

As much as we herald Instagram as an eclectic treasure trove of personal style, it’s inevitable that, every once in a while, the sartorial stars will align and an outfit formula will click into place and capture the imagination of the fashion fan club. The result? Replication en masse. However, as Hannah Almassi succinctly stated earlier this month, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with being a bit of a fashion victim and jumping on the latest viral clothing item, or in this case, outfit. Really it’s no different to the evolution of fashion trends pre-internet, but instead of flicking through a glossy mag or browsing your local high street, you need simply open Instagram and witness the proliferation of a look through the girls on the ground.  

So what were the looks that got lucky this summer? Obviously Realisation Par’s Naomi skirt had to make an appearance, thanks to its spectacular success amongst the in-crowd. Fashion brand of the year, Ganni, has also nabbed one our coveted top spots, specifically their distinctive maxi dresses, which come styled with sneakers (only Adidas Originals or Balenciaga will do dahling) and layered gold necklaces. Our third look is not defined by a particular brand, however it is no less relevant. Championed by Ukranian fashion director Julie Pelipas, the white jeans, cream top and brown belt look has undoubtedly become the tonal outfit of the summer. So simple, so easy to recreate, but oh so chic. Scroll down to discover all three looks.