The 3 Best Colors to Wear to an Interview—and the 3 Worst


Unless you’re interviewing at Hermès, orange is considered to be the worst color to wear to an interview. In addition to being a bit abrasive, it comes across as too playful, unprofessional, and over-confident.


Certain shades of brown can come across as drab, but the reason you should avoid wearing this color to an interview goes a bit deeper. For many hiring professionals, brown tends to convey reliability and solidity, but it can also come across as old-fashioned, uninventive, and generally unmemorable.


You know how a bullfighter uses red to enrage the bull? Remember this when considering what colors to wear to an interview. Red may be your most flattering color, but it can also convey hostility, defiance, and volatility—not exactly prized attributes in a prospective employee.

Now that you know what colors to wear to an interview (as well as what not to wear), here are the best fabrics to wear to an interview.