The 29 Best Patent Leather Pants for Every Budget

It’s hard to come up with a good headline these days, so I have to thank Victoria Beckham for this one. In the caption of one of her Instagram posts, she used the hashtag “#sexpants” to describe her shiny patent leather pants, and the idea for this story was born. “Domestic goddesses wear plastic pants!” she captioned the photo. “Sorting the kid’s snacks before date night… can’t wait to see what you’re wearing @davidbeckham #sexpants”

Naturally, Beckham was wearing pants from her own brand: the Victoria Beckham Faux Patent-Leather Slim-Leg Pants ($790). Her vinyl pants are slim-fitting but are designed with some excess fabric to give off a scrunched-up look. Since her versions are quite expensive, I set out to find similar pairs at all kinds of price points. Don’t worry, if you’re not quite bold enough for patent leather pants, below I included an array of trousers to choose from.